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Just posted on the FOX news site – yes sometimes they actually have something to say.

One theory of Pleistocene extinctions – second order predation – resolves the pre-Clovis issue.

Consider this:
People entered the New World (pre-Clovis times) and, in addition to hunting herbivores, hunted carnivores and, of course, gathered vegetable food. Carnivore killing reduced carnivore populations below the level that they could control herbivore populations. This “unstuck” the balance of the ecosystem. Herbivore populations boomed. And, like algae blooms in lakes, herbivore populations would then crash – destruction of habitat. This me

ant a serious lack of plant food for both herbivores and humans. Humans turned exclusively to hunting – Clovis. Thus, Clovis is a result of the “boom” in herbivores and the “bust” in vegetation.

There would be many animals in a weakened condition during the herbivore boom since they didn't have enough vegetation. And naturally, humans like other predators would take the weak, the old, and the young – the easiest to hunt.

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