How might human behaviour throughout history have been different if there had never been any concept of an afterlife?

A shift away from Hunter/Gatherers to theology as befits the season:

The concept of an afterlife is relatively recent. During the Roman Empire there was discussion amongst the Jews as to whether or not there was an afterlife.

The Pharisees believed there was an afterlife and they believed in the Oral Torah. There were Pharaisees amongst the Sadducees since the definition of the Sadducees is mostly a class and legal definition.

However, for the most part the Sadducees didn’t believe in the Oral Torah therefore they didn’t believe in the resurrection of the dead since it is not in the written Torah. The main focus of Sadducee life was rituals associated with the Temple.

Some Roman religions had an afterlife others didn’t.

That suggests that life would probably not have been that different. People as a whole don’t believe or disbelieve any one thing. They have always picked amongst teachings.

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