Are there cultures where the concept of paternity has not been discovered?

Hung Lee quotes Malinowski.
Lee says:

Bronislaw Malinowski’s 1922 study of the Trobriand Islands, Argonauts of the Western Pacific, described a culture that seemed to be ignorant of physiological paternity. His earlier research amongst certain Australian Aboriginal tribes described similar beliefs in the disconnect between sexual intercourse and procreation.


When I was an undergrad in Anthro. it was pointed out that:

1) Malinowski, though a pioneer in participant observation, actually spent most of his time in his tent and asked the headman his questions, so his participation was actually minimal by today’s standards, and it was biased.

2) If  you are a 50 year old headman and a 30 year old man, from a different culture, asks a lot of questions about what things are and what they mean and how one does things here, you don’t assume that he means you to tell him about sex. You assume that he wants the stork story, or the cabbage patch story, in short, you want the folk tale. The headman assumes that the anthropologist knows about sex.

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