Why was Elizabethan England so violent?

Here’s an answer that talks about the impact of information technology on the way people perceive their world:

Part of the reason it seems more violent is that we know more about the time period. The press made it easier for things to be chronicled and so news of violence has come down to us. In each information revolution (press, telegraph and telephone, digital) people have been given access to more information and so perceive their world differently. When all you know about is your small village it doesn’t seem scary but when you know all about violence everywhere it seems much worse.

If you ask people today if they feel safer than they did 10 or 15 years ago they will say no they feel less safe. Yet crime and violence have declined and continue to do so. The reason they feel less safe is that now news reports violence around the world, and people see it in their living rooms.

If you feel unsafe stop watching TV.

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