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2016 Portfolio

I’ve been teaching watercolor but didn’t have any watercolor paintings in my portfolio though I’ve been working with watercolor since early in the year. I’ve also re-discovered computer art after going to a show with a friend. Another artist in the show had some wonderful computer art so I had to try my own.

Link to my 2016 portfolio


Fabulous South African fusion band. The did the backup for Shakira on the World Cup Official Song (Waka Waka) This time for Africa.

I looked them up, and found the reason I liked Shakira's song, was the Freshlyground sound. They are from South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique In an interview they don't use the

word race, they talk about people of different backgrounds coming together and as their lead singer Zolani says, “Now, in this time in South Africa we can do anything.”

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